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While we have been working more than ever, we have fallen behind in sharing our work over the last year and a half online. So this means a couple of things: first, we have some incredible weddings to share with all of you and second, they will hopefully be posted much more frequently than they have been… so check back often! Don’t go anywhere too fast though because we have an amazing one to share with you right now. The Evergreen wedding venue in Southeast Portland has quickly become one of our favorite venues in the area! Once you take a look at Erin & Kyle’s wedding, we think that you might feel the same way too. The venue’s simple, clean,  and elegant beauty was only enhanced by beautiful florals and greenery from Heirbloom Floral.

Not only did this wedding take place at a beautiful venue, but it has one of the sweetest couples you could ever hope to work with. We love getting to know our couples before their wedding whether that is over coffee or FaceTime, but you get a really good idea of who people really are by who that surround themselves with on their wedding day. And these two had an awesome group.

This wedding also had perhaps the funniest/strangest thing that has ever happened to me at a wedding. It’s not uncommon for us to photograph couples near roads and it’s also pretty common for cars to honk or cheer for the couple as they drive by. Well, I thought that this was one of those times when a car stopped near us and rolled down the window… but this time I realize that the person in the car was yelling at me and informing me of their measurements and that they model. It took me a second to realize what was going on and when I did I turned back to Kyle with a confused look on my face only to realize that he too was giving me the same puzzled look and asked, “Does that happen often?” “Nope!” I said “that was a first for me!”. Oh Portland, you are so weird and we love you so much for it.

I hope you enjoy these wedding photos and make sure to check out The Evergreen PDX if you are looking for a wedding venue it really is a beautiful space with a wonderful team.


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