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It’s a really incredible feeling to know you have friends in your life who believe in you even when you doubt yourself. Cameron & Katie have been in our lives for several years and we love them very much. Since we moved to Portland from Tacoma, we don’t see them nearly as much as we would like to, but they are on the list of people that when we see them…it is like no time has passed. Cameron & Katie are super well rounded and amazing in many ways, including being talented and creative photographers. When they reached out to ask if I would photograph Oliver once he made his debut, my first thought was: “nope.” Too much pressure, they are too special, they are fellow creatives and they know good photos from bad photos (their wedding was shot by freaking Benj Haisch for crying out loud) ;)…nope, nope, nope. But Katie (being so completely and genuinely herself) was reassuring and delightful. She assured me that she trusted me to be around them during such an intimate time, in their intimate space…I was so honored and just beaming when the day finally arrived. Cameron & Katie live in an awesome apartment in Downtown Tacoma. With food, shopping, parks and beautiful walks right outside their door, it is the stuff one kid family dreams are made of! With so much character and charm, it was the perfect setting for their first portrait session as a family. I know they won’t always fit in this wonderful apartment that they’ve shared since they were married, but right now…it’s perfect. Thank you Cameron & Katie for entrusting us with documenting this special time in your lives. As fellow creatives, parents of a bunch of kids, and people who just love you…we are thrilled for you and can’t wait to see how your family blossoms and evolves in the coming years!


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